Quality Intent-Driven Leads for Law Firms

Lead generation is the process of driving interested prospects to your website and leading them through the sales funnel to secure them as clients. This article will cover streamlining your strategy to capture more quality internet-driven leads.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential clients to your business and is sometimes referred to as a lead funnel. It encompasses the sales process of first driving brand awareness, leading to consideration and, hopefully, conversion.

Law firms need effective lead funnels to stay profitable and must have options regarding cases they want to take on. Lead generation is a multifaceted process, and in this article, you will learn how you can find quality prospects and convert them into law firm clients.

Those who are successful at lead generation, have usually mastered creating a captivating hook and providing persistent follow-ups. Simply gaining leads is not enough. The leads must be high quality and convert into clients to keep your law firm busy and profitable.

Is lead generation only for large firms?

Every firm needs lead generation. The number of leads you’ll need to capture each month depends on the size. For example, a mom-and-pop grocery store might only need 300 customers per day to make rent and pay their employees.

On the other hand, a corporation like Amazon might ship over a million packages in a single day. The reason is that operational costs and profitability goals differ depending on the size of any company. This principle holds true for the legal industry as well.

If you’re head of solo practice, you don’t want as many leads as a large firm because you could never keep up with demand. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still put effort into lead generation, because the more quality leads coming through the door, the more control you have over the cases you get to take on.

Problem-solving and developing a customer persona

Can you visualize every detail of your ideal client? A popular marketing exercise is to map out your perfect customer. From their age, location, case type, income range, etc. Once you have a persona in mind, you'll be able to develop an ideal marketing strategy geared toward the people you want to help.

Imagine what this person is likely the most worried about and how you can help relieve some of that stress. For example, a personal injury attorney might frequently be asked:

  • What is the PI claim process?
  • What if the injury incurred was partially due to my own actions?
  • Do PI cases typically go to trial or are they settled in mediation?

Once these common questions are identified, you can begin designing your website with them in mind.

You can create relevant homepage copy with a compelling call to action, optimize your chatbot script, and create engaging informational videos. You will drive more quality, intent-driven leads by designing your website around your client's needs.

Maximize your performance and filter legal intake leads for quality

Law firm marketing automation is essential to reach your full potential as a law firm. Through the use of lead generation tools, automatic replies, geo-fencing, custom bots for different pages on your website, and analytics reporting, you’ll be able to optimize every step of your lead generation process.

Automatic replies and sequences for instant follow-up

Once leads engage and provide their case information, it's essential to keep the momentum going while they're still at the peak of their interest.

Intaker's marketing automation software can help with this by sending automated CONFIRMATION EMAILS and CONFIRMATION TEXTS.  This automation follow up makes the first point of contact for the firm and gets potential clients to stop shopping.

You can customize the messaging, but the general idea is to thank them for contacting you and provide information on the next steps.

Another popular tool for follow-up is WORKFLOW SEQUENCES. These allow you to set up a series of automated messages (send reminders, ask for reviews, etc.) through multiple channels, such as text and email. You can also enable auto-stops, so if someone responds, the sequences will not send additional messages.

Geo-fencing to filter unqualified leads

Setting LOCATION RULES allows you to easily filter out unqualified leads from entering your chat. For example, if your practice is located in Southern Florida and you only want to service people in your area you can activate location parameters that only make the chatbot accessible for people who are currently in your area.

Geo-fencing is a cost effective strategy to target your content to relevant prospects. Neither you or your team members will have to sift through unqualified leads and waste your precious time.

Custom bots for different use cases

Chatbots offer a variety of practical use cases and serve as the perfect client intake software for lawyers. A popular use is to create custom bots for each practice area. It makes the experience more personalized and ultimately enhances the user experience.

Chatbots are also great for landing pages and strategic marketing campaigns. You can read HOW TO USE INTAKER CHATBOTS for more information on how to set up your bot and to optimally benefit your law firm.

Using unique bots for different landing pages will maximize your performance because custom-tailored content has proven to perform better than generic. You can also measure the performance of each individual landing page using analytics to see which videos have the highest conversion rate.

Analytics tracking to grow your law firm

A critical step in the client process is analytics tracking. Google Analytics can track session duration, bounce rate, demographics of website visitors, page views, etc.

From this, you'll be able to tell where you are losing people in the intake process and where your most lucrative traffic comes from. This data can be valuable when developing strategies to grow your firm and optimize your website.

You might learn that certain prompts perform better or specific landing pages are most successful. As you progress, this information will propel you forward in making the most client-centric content that engages prospects.

To learn more about how this works with Intaker, check out our article, GOOGLE ANALYTICS INTEGRATION FOR INTAKER.

You captured a lead, now what?  

Lead management software is valuable for tracking and communicating with your future and current clients. If you're still using handwritten methods of lead tracking or Google Sheets, it's time to upgrade.

You can find your own CRM or use Intaker’s LEAD MANAGEMENT, to monitor your leads and keep up with them throughout the client lifecycle.

Having practice management software in place allows you to ensure proper lead nurturing during the initial onboarding stages and makes your marketing dollars go further.

Within the Intaker dashboard, you can mark their status’ as new, declined, referred, etc, so everybody on your team is on the same page. Other lead management solutions for lawyers will have their way of marking status and maintaining organization.

Simply engaging and capturing the lead initially on your site is not enough. You need a proper system to guide people through the entire process from start to finish.

Intent-Driven Leads Wrap Up

To conclude, lead generation is all about driving the most quality prospects to your website and converting them into clients. You can improve conversion rates with chatbots, geo-fencing, and workflow sequences.

It’s necessary to find a modern quality legal lead generation software to help you manage intake and stay organized throughout the entirety of the client lifecycle.

Lastly, be sure to track analytics and lead sources to refine your strategy and see how you can continue to optimize the user experience. This will result in more growth for your law firm!