Turn Leads into Clients with Three Simple Tips

Learn how to convert leads into clients for your law firm by responding promptly, integrating a CRM, and using follow-up automation.

Turning a lead into a client often takes time and effort. We created this list to help simplify the process and generate more clients for your law firm. Here are our top three conversion tips.

Respond within seconds to new leads

The faster you make contact, the better chance you have of securing a client. The longer you take to reach out after a lead makes contact with the Intaker bot, the more likely they are to approach another firm.  

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, “U.S. Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later—and more than 60 times as likely as companies that waited 24 hours or longer.”  

Many of your leads are seeking answers to stressful questions. A quick phone call to schedule a consultation can help to ease some of their stress and prevent them from shopping around.

Suppose you can’t call right away. No worries, because the Intaker bot will send them a follow-up text immediately after filling out that chat. The text encourages them to set a time that works best to talk. Responding instantly reduces the need for leads to keep looking for other lawyers.

Integrate Intaker with your current CRM

Integrate Intaker with your current client management software to add contact information directly. As soon as a prospect fills out the Intaker chat, their information will be shared with whichever CRM they’ve chosen to integrate. No more emails clogging up your staff’s inbox on Monday morning. It puts all the information they need at their fingertips.

Keep the lead’s information organized and ready for their first appointment with one of your team members. Contact our support team to get this set up today by emailing diana@intaker.me.

Utilize follow-up texts and/or emails to schedule appointments

These can be set up easily in the Intaker dashboard.  The auto emails and text messages allow you to give a quick response to leads when you or your staff are unavailable. Visit our Help Center articles to learn more about enabling confirmation texts and confirmation emails.

Finally, make sure you include your office phone number and email address.  You may also want to consider providing links to calendars (such as calendly) for leads to schedule consultation appointments.

We are confident if you implement any of these three steps you will see an increase in conversion over time. As always, please reach out if you are in need of additional support. We are always eager to help you crush your intake goals!