When to Use (or Avoid) Intaker Custom Prompts

Intaker's legal chatbot comes with 1,000+ prompts proven to convert leads into clients. If your law firm needs custom prompts for a specific practice area, we are happy to create them for you.

Here at Intaker, we offer over 1,000 ready-made and custom prompts. Our prompts cover various legal practice areas in civil, criminal, and administrative law. Each of our prompts drives a specialized conversation used to qualify leads for your law firm.

For popular practice areas, we offer both extended and simplified versions of prompts. So, how do you know which of these options is best for your firm?

You can start by booking a DEMO if you are not a customer and want to learn more about our product. If you’re already part of the Intaker family, please reach out to us, and we will ensure your questions get answered.

How do you know if you need a custom prompt?

Check your prompts

Within your Intaker dashboard, you can preview several prompt types. For instance, if you currently have “Divorce” chosen but notice that leads drop off before completing the chat, “Divorce Simplified” may be the perfect fit.

The “simplified” version means fewer questions, making the intake process more efficient and preventing prospects from exiting the chat early.

To decide which prompts to use, you can review the associated questions in the dashboard. To learn more about this, visit our Help Center article, How to View Prompt Questions.

Go through the features

We have several features on the dashboard that can help customize your bot. You can add a custom multiple choice question or limit the visibility of your bot to your firm’s jurisdiction.

Custom multiple-choice questions can be beneficial for marketing purposes. For example, you could ask how the prospect found out about you or where they reside. Location rules are great because they filter out unqualified leads instantly. For example, if you only serve clients in Utah, you don’t want a person from Florida entering the chat.

Check out our articles Location Rules and Custom Multiple Choice Question in the Help Center for more information.

Request a consultation

Our team members are always happy to hop on a call to help you find the perfect prompt. We can also review dashboard features together and design a bot that optimizes the user experience. To schedule an appointment with an Intaker specialist, use the following link.

We look forward to working together to create the perfect chatbot for your law firm.

How do I create an Intaker custom prompt?

The initial meeting

The first step is to meet with a Customer Sucess Specialist to go over your needs. These meetings can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on the level of customization needed.

Your specialist will share a document with you during the meeting with the requested changes. This allows both of you to stay organized and clear about exactly what you want to accomplish.

Review and approval

After the meeting, your specialist will build the custom conversation.  Once complete, they will share a link for you to test out the new prompt(s) for yourself. At this point, you’re welcome to share any feedback.

Going live

Once you’re 100% satisfied, let your specialist know and they will add it to your bot(s) that are live on your website. There is nothing else for you to do.

What is a sign that I should avoid Intaker custom prompts?

We have carefully crafted the available prompts. We have taken feedback over the years from lawyers, like you, to fine tune them and deliver maximum value. That being said, there are situations where firms can benefit from custom prompts.

In most cases, you’ll be able to find what you're looking for as part of the pre-existing templates. The main reason to avoid custom prompts is that the pre-made ones we have available have been tested and proven to convert. They have been designed to be the optimal length and capture the most relevant intake information.

As they say, don’t mess with perfection! But again, we know there are going to be times that a law firm has unique needs. When that happens we are here to support you in creating the perfect prompt.