5 Signs Your Law Firm is Client-Centric

Learn how you can make your law firm more client-centric with a well-planned customer journey, empathetic messaging, data-driven decisions, efficient systems, and clear communication.

What does it mean to be client-centric?

Being client-centric means, you make the client and their experience the focal point of all decisions. When you cater to your clients, the result will be increased satisfaction and loyalty. Anytime they need a lawyer, you'll be the one they call, and when their friends are in the same situation, they'll be sure to recommend you.

The most unmistakable sign that your law firm is client-centric is if you tailor your messaging toward your ideal client and accommodate each individual's needs.

We live in an experience-driven world where marketing has become more personal than ever. Everyone desires to be seen rather than treated like another client on the conveyor belt. When new leads come to you with legal questions, you can make your firm stand out by showing genuine care and interest.

A custom-tailored client journey

The client journey is the experience a person goes through when interacting with your law firm. From start to finish, there are multiple touch points they will encounter. For example, if you use a legal chat such as Intaker, their first interaction may be filling out the chat. Next, they'll get prompted to self-schedule an appointment. The process continues when they receive an automated follow-up text and email, and so on.

After they agree to a meeting and decide that you're a great fit for their case, they'll sign a retainer. Eventually, there will be billing statements and regular check-ins. As you wrap up the case, the final step is asking for a review. Each step should be seen as an opportunity to make a good impression and show how much you care.

Mapping out the customer journey ahead of time creates a structured workflow to optimize the client experience. One pro-tip is to ask clients to rate their experience at different points in the journey. From there, you'll be able to learn what clients enjoy the most and what areas you can improve.

Establish empathy

Many law live chats don't feel personable because the representative on the other end isn't properly educated in the legal field. They are simply given generic answers to respond to clients' questions, no matter how complex they may be. If you want to be known for having an empathetic company culture, it starts with the initial impression.

Intaker establishes empathy from the start with its interactive video. Its user-friendly interface allows lawyers to effortlessly create short intro and outro videos to create a personal touch that makes all the difference in how prospective clients perceive your firm.

Using a personable legal chat is the perfect way to begin the lawyer-client relationship, but from there, it's up to you to maintain that connection. The client-centric approach involves frequently touching base and anticipating your client's needs. Remember that you're doing more than just selling legal services. You are helping people through a difficult time.

Beyond that, show genuine interest in their life. When appropriate, ask about their interests, hobbies, family, etc., to show that you see them fully and value them as a person. If you focus on empathy, you'll see a spike in client satisfaction.

Data-driven decision making

You can avoid guessing what clients need by monitoring analytics and tracking data. You can integrate Google Analytics with your website to spot trends surrounding how visitors engage.

For example, you can tell which pages are visited most often and which buttons are getting clicked. If you offer services in different practice areas, you can identify which drives the most traffic to your site and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

By using data to make decisions, you are more in control of the future state of your firm. Every choice surrounding online marketing, social media, etc., will be made with your ideal client in mind.

You'll be able to measure your website's growth and the performance of different pages with analytics tracking. You will start seeing precisely who your target demographic is and learn what messaging resonates with them.

Frequent and transparent communication

Creating a strong relationship with your clients starts with the quality of your communication. Follow-up texts and emails are a great way to keep clients up-to-date on what is going on at your law. For more lengthy conversations, you can schedule traditional or video calls.

Another great way to chat with clients is via business texting. Intaker allows your entire firm to share one phone number, which creates a unified voice and ensures that someone is always available to respond to client inquiries promptly.

The most important thing is to keep your clients well informed. Always be clear about what your firm is doing and explain why you are making these decisions. Clients need to feel confident in your firm, as most of them will be in a stressed and vulnerable position when they come to you for support. Some clients will require more communication than others, and that's why you need to get to know each client on an individual level.

User-friendly systems for law firm efficiency

As a client-centric firm, you should focus on making every process as efficient as possible. From the initial legal chat to signing a retainer agreement, billing, etc., the client journey should be seamless.

Using Intaker as your chat is a great place to start when it comes to introducing legal tech to your firm. We also recommend finding a CRM to automate your workflow.

Almost all CRMs can be integrated with Intaker, which means every lead that comes through your law firm chat will be added automatically to your CRM of choice. From there, you can send documents with e-signature, send bills, receive payments, and more.

Intaker also offers a Desk feature that allows you to send items to your co-workers, asking them to take action such as a call back to a client, send a message, etc. The use of legal technology will increase your law firm's efficiency, and all this will make an excellent impression on your clients.

Client-Centric from start to finish

Having a well-thought-out customer journey and using effective legal technology allows you to spend more time nurturing client relationships and less worrying about repetitive day-to-day tasks.

Being client-centric is about making your clients' needs the priority. In our experience-driven world, it's important to provide a quality service from start to finish. We hope this blog helps you reflect on ways your firm can become more client-centric.