How to Differentiate Your Law Firm with David Wattel

In this article, we sit down with lawyer and entrepreneur David Wattel to learn his secret to success. Here's a hint: It includes specializing in a practice area you're passionate about and coupling that with strategic marketing efforts.

Differentiation is key to building a successful firm. The legal industry is competitive. Knowing your strengths and highlighting them will make a lasting impression on your clients and those looking for representation. Recently, we interviewed David Wattel, the founder of Wattel and York, Multus Medical, and Rising Cloud.

Wattel has been practicing law for thirty years. At the start of his career he used traditional marketing methods such as billboards, buses, tv, and radio. He has now become skillful at leveraging social media and web marketing as lead-generation tools.

When interviewing Wattel, I thought, who better to ask about running a law firm like a business than a man with thirty years of experience and multiple companies under his belt?

I asked David about his core marketing principles. He explained there needs to be passion, and you must convey this to clients and leads. It would help if you always differentiated yourself in some way. Each person will have a unique way of doing this.

Specializing in a practice area and marketing yourself as an expert

A general rule of thumb is prospective clients prefer specialists over generalists. Specialization proves you are the expert in one area versus a jack of all trades.

People assume if you're focused on one or two practice areas you will be more of an expert than someone who juggles many case types. Choose a practice area that you are genuinely passionate about, and that will shine through making for genuine marketing material.

For example, David’s Intaker video on his website stands out. He is dressed to the nines, makes consistent eye contact with the camera, and stands centered in the frame. His message is concise, providing clear calls to action and making it feel like he’s talking directly to you as the viewer.

His line, “I’m the lawyer that other lawyers call,” stands out. Not only is he confident, but he proceeds to back it up with stats. It is clear he took time to rehearse the script and cut the fat from the dialogue, leaving only the most potent information behind.

David tested different messages in his video marketing to measure their performance before settling on the one you see on his site today. This attention to detail and routine maintenance exemplifies how Wattel sets himself apart from other lawyers.

He also has an area on his website where he presents litigation results from thousands of cases. In one example, he got 3400% more money back than they would have received from their insurance company. These results help to instantly build credibility and trust with those who land on his website.

Lastly, David gives back to the community. He offers a scholarship for single mothers returning to school and is always eager to help people in any way possible. His genuine commitment to bettering society and advocating for those in need shines through in his work, and this passion is what hugely sets him apart from others.

Remembering your passions to differentiate your law firm

As a lawyer, it’s up to you to find your differentiator. For Wattel, his Intaker chat is well-scripted and high-quality, making it clear that he takes pride in his work. He certainly followed every tip on how to SHOOTING YOUR PERFECT VIDEO WITH INTAKER.

He presents his litigation results clearly on his website and updates them regularly. You can tell David lets his wins speak for themselves; that is how he shows up as an industry leader. He also gives back to the community, proving his passion for justice and the betterment of society.

If you are wondering where to start when it comes to building a more authentic online presence, think back to why you became a lawyer. Remember the passion that ignited this journey, you will be able to effortlessly tell your story online in a meaningful way. It’s also great  to reach out to past clients and ask for testimonials that you can share.

The primary goal of your law firm’s website is to prove to someone who has never heard of you before that you are an expert. By providing meaningful testimonials, free resources, and using a chatbot for 24/7 intake, you will make a great impression on website visitors.