Shooting Your Perfect Video with Intaker

In this blog post, we will teach you how to create the perfect Intaker video for your law firm's website. By crafting a clear message, optimizing the appearance, and including a call to action, you'll be sure to convert more leads to clients.

Your Intaker video is how prospective clients discover your law firm and decide if you’re a good fit. It’s worthwhile to take a few extra minutes to perfect the messaging, find some great lighting, and record a quality video. The three main components of the ideal introductory video include empathetic messaging, professional appearance, and a clear call to action.

Crafting the perfect message for your law firm chat

When crafting the message for your law firm chat, put yourself in the client's shoes. The goal is to create a conversion-driven video that makes a memorable new client experience. The best way to stand out is through empathy.

Address the client's needs and pain points. An example would be, "If you are suffering from an accident, injury, etc., and you're looking for an experienced legal team to help, you're at the right place." By developing the hook video with your ideal client in mind, you'll be able to establish a personal connection from the start.

Another tip is to take a moment to introduce yourself at the start "I'm Attorney Gil Sanchez of Black Rock Law..." This introduction establishes trust and gives the viewer a reason to keep watching.

When creating your video, some other considerations are clarity and brevity. Write out your script ahead of time and run it by a colleague to make sure it's clear and concise. Aim for the video to be 15-30 seconds for the best conversion results.

Optimizing the appearance for a professional video  

When it comes to perfecting the appearance of your video, a little preparation can go a long way. Find a space with a clean background and a well-lit location. Film at a time where there is no background noise, and dress professionally.

If you follow these steps, filming is as easy as pressing the "record" button and sitting centered in the frame. You can also buy a ring light if your office doesn't have the best lighting. Lastly, be sure that your shirt and the wall are different colors.

Concluding with a call to action to increase conversion

Be sure to conclude the chat with a clear call to action. Without this, even the most quality video will not convert at the rate it could. A standard CTA for the Intaker chat is "click below to chat." This simple line encourages prospects to interact with the chatbot and hopefully self-schedule a meeting at the end.

Uploading your video to the Intaker dashboard

Your video can be filmed and uploaded directly from the Intaker dashboard, which is the most common method. We also offer the ability to upload a file directly from your device. To learn more about uploading a video, visit our help center article, FIRST DIALOG WITH INTERACTIVE VIDEO.

Additional questions during the filming process

With the formula outlined above, we are confident that you will be able to make an excellent video showcasing your personality and your law firm's unique offerings. If you run into any hiccups along the way, reach out to us, and we are happy to help. We also have a Youtube video, SHOOTING YOUR PERFECT VIDEO, which goes into more detail about each of the above topics.