Zapier Integrations for Law Firm Efficiency

Lawyers are using Zapier to integrate apps with Intaker, streamlining their law firm. The most common use cases are Google Sheets, Slack, and Mailchimp. This article explains what Zapier is and how it optimizes legal practices.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a software company that allows users to integrate apps, streamlining workflow. Zapier, you can scale your law practice via automation without using any code. It compliments Intaker by allowing integration with apps such as Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, and more.

How Intaker clients are using Zapier

Google Sheets to manage leads

Google sheets is a spreadsheet application. Lawyers often use it to manage leads. A sheet can be shared with many collaborators throughout the law firm to keep track of case IDs, billable hours, deadlines, and other client information.

When integrated with Intaker, any lead that comes through the chat will get automatically added to your Google Sheets. This system allows for seamless lead management. Intaker also integrates with nearly all CRMs. Using CRMs to manage client relationships and Google Sheets to handle lead information is a common strategy among lawyers.

Slack for instant notifications

Slack is a messaging program used to communicate with team members online. It is an excellent alternative to email, allowing for instant messaging between colleagues. When sound is enabled, a notification chime will sound whenever a new message comes through on a laptop or smartphone.

When it comes to integrating Slack with Intaker, you'll get notified in Slack of any new leads. Receiving notifications is a convenient way to know when someone has inquired on your site, allowing for a prompt response.


Another commonly used integration is Mailchimp, a marketing automation and email platform. It allows you to customize emails with your law firm's branding and send mass messages to clients and leads.

Integrating Intaker with Mailchimp will instantly add each new lead's information to your mailing list. You can create different groups to send emails--for example, leads, current clients, and past clients. You can keep in touch with emails targeted at each group. When it comes to past clients, in particular, this can be a powerful tool for gaining referrals.

More ways lawyers are using Zapier to streamline their law firm

Another way lawyers use Zapier is by integrating with organizational tools such as Trello, Monday, ClickUp, etc. Trello is for making lists and tracking projects. Monday is similar but more geared toward workflows, sales, and data management. ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows you to create and assign tasks.

The products have relatively similar capabilities. Businesses generally choose one as their preferred way of managing projects. Integrating with Intaker, a chat lead will get added to these programs as a new task. The integration can be helpful to make sure you have responded or followed up. You can also track similar information using Intaker’s Desk feature or a CRM.

How to integrate Intaker with Zapier

Intaker can integrate with 1500+ apps with the help of Zapier. The setup is simple. We have a HELP CENTER ARTICLE available on the topic and a video walk-through. You’ll need a Zapier account, accept the Zapier app invitation using the help center article link, and create a zap in the Intaker dashboard.


Zapier is a powerful tool for automating your law firm and saving you time. There’s no need to spend hours per day on monotonous tasks that can be streamlined in minutes. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions that can’t be answered in the Help Center article.