V4.5 Announcement

Intaker is introducing many new features to benefit your law firm! From sequences, search and filter, analytics and more we have all of the tools you need to keep up with the competition and thrive.

We are launching new features to improve your Intaker experience! We are adding sequences, search and filter, Intaker analytics, and a Google Analytics 4 integration.

What does this mean for you?

Sequences allow you to automate client communication. You can send a series of follow-up texts and emails on auto-pilot. You can also send reminders to yourself and your teammates to make a phone call. You’ll save time and never forget to follow up again!

Search and filter will allow you to organize your leads list and look up people based on various criteria. No more scrolling through your entire leads list to find specific people! If you want to find leads in a particular state, using a specific language, etc., the search and filter feature allows you to find them conveniently.

Intaker Analytics allows you to track and monitor data such as how many chats you’ve received, how many left their email, where they are from, what device they used, and more! It’s a great addition to Google Analytics to get to know your target audience.

Google Analytics 4 is out now! Intaker has now upgraded to be able to integrate with the latest GA technology.

While the dashboard will be down temporarily, chats will go through without any interruption. If you run into any issues, please let us know. We are excited to make the Intaker experience more user-friendly and optimized for law firms.

Keep an eye on Intaker Dashboard for an exclusive invitation to the Intaker v4.5 launch event!