Text Messaging for Law Firms: Lawyers Texting Clients

Business texting is the preferred method of communication for most people. Introducing it to your firm will save time, improve the response rate of leads, and make a great impression on clients.

Texting marketing has taken the world by storm

By now, I bet you’ve received a text from a business at least once. Whether it’s your favorite coffee shop offering a deal or a clothing brand releasing a new drop, everybody sends texts to their customers. At first, some people were resistant to giving their phone numbers to companies thinking, “don’t they spam me enough in my email?”

The great part is that unsubscribing is easier than signing up in the first place. People love business texting so much that recent studies indicate that 89% of consumers want to use messaging to connect with brands. While the legal industry is a unique niche, the idea of lawyers texting clients is becoming extremely mainstream.

90% of leads would prefer to be texted than called. The world is heading towards texting as a primary mode of communication, and law firms are part of the cultural shift. Like texting a restaurant, your pick-up order might have seemed futuristic ten years ago; soon, texting your lawyer will seem completely ordinary.

Texting boosts response rate and saves time

Phone calls and emails have their place, but most of the time, a text will more than suffice. Phone calls are good for intimate or lengthy conversations, and email is great for longer written messages. But, texting is the best form of client communication for straightforward, quick conversations.

Think about how frustrating it can be to send an email, then a follow-up, and another and still not hear back. It’s easy to lose a lead if they don’t frequently check their inbox. For existing clients, appointment reminders could get lost in the shuffle and not get read in time.

If an email ends up in spam by mistake, then that can be an issue as well. Relying on email only is outdated. Not to mention, SMS marketing has 8x the response rate of emails!

Phone calls can be good sometimes, but imagine you have one simple question to ask, and now you’re stuck on a fifteen-minute phone call. With text, you can cut to the chase and waste no time.

You can send over documents, pictures, reminders, and anything else immediately. It’s nice to chat on the phone some days, but when you’re in a hurry, it becomes a burden that slows you down.

Why lawyers and clients love business texting

On average, Americans check their phones 96 times a day. That equates to once every 10 minutes. Because people are always checking their devices, it’s very rare for a text to go unread; they have an open rate of 98%.

Lawyers also love business texting because it keeps a written record of communication, increases lead to client conversion, and the team can work together to reply to new messages.

Intaker’s two way text for law firms

With Intaker’s business texting, all team members can read and respond to messages from the Intaker dashboard. Everything is saved there, so you’ll never lose track of conversations.

It’s also easy for clients because they only have to keep track of one phone number. New texts and alerts show up in your Intaker Desk, which is an all-in-one virtual inbox.

Intaker also lets you create templates that can be used for commonly sent messages - for example, politely declining a case. Recently, sequences were released, which allow you to set up a workflow and schedule texts to be sent in a specific order.

Sequences are especially useful in converting leads to clients. They allow you to follow up instantly and keep prospects engaged.

To learn more about Intaker’s business texting, check out our BUSINESS TEXTING PAGE.

Make a lasting positive impression

Text is the preferred method of communication for most people. It can also help lead generation efforts to use text as part of a marketing campaign. Throughout the attorney-client relationship, you will be able to frequently check in and ensure happy clients by using business texting.

Your law firm is guaranteed to stand out against those who don't use business texting as you can reply faster, follow up automatically, and speedily get back to clients during all working hours. If you're interested in learning more about Intaker, contact us for a DEMO.