MyCase x Intaker Partnership Announcement

The MyCase x Intaker integration benefits lawyers because any new lead that comes through your Intaker chat will instantly get added to your MyCase CRM, improving your organization and workflow.

MyCase X Intaker Law Firm Software Integration

We are excited to have launched the MyCase x Intaker integration. MyCase is the legal industry’s leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software and payment services to law firms. Intaker is the number one law firm marketing automation platform.

Lawyers have requested this partnership for years, and we’re proud to announce it is finally time! This partnership will benefit law firms by streamlining the intake process, increasing organization, and optimizing workflow.

Any lead that comes through Intaker’s chat will also get recorded into the MyCase dashboard. Intaker is the first legal-specific website chat MyCase has integrated with, and we are honored!

Here are some scenarios where the integration will make life easier:

Example 1

Imagine John fills out an Intaker chat and calls your firm a few minutes later to follow up. In the past, your team might have been scrambling to locate John's information.

Thanks to the MyCase integration, you can avoid this hiccup and keep your firm's professionalism intact. The intake team will already have John's information on their desk when speaking to him. John will be happy, getting the help he needs right away.

It's essential to stay organized and cohesive, especially when onboarding a new client. They're often under a lot of stress and deciding if you're the right firm for them.

Thanks to the MyCase x Intaker integration, you can reduce the time and energy it takes to convert leads into clients and retainers, making a great impression on people like John.

Example 2

Picture this, Anna is looking for a divorce attorney and only has time to fill out the chat at night. Before the MyCase integration, it would have taken time in the morning for the team to review all of the new Intaker leads and review them before making contact with prospects.

All new leads appear in the MyCase dashboard first thing in the morning. This time-saving partnership is great for lawyers and clients alike. People like Anna won't be waiting around for days. They'll likely hear back from your firm the following morning.

The increased efficiency saves your team time and allows you to capture more leads since they will be less likely to shop around if you make contact quickly.

Example 3

Say Bobbie provided his information to the Intaker chat, but now you need to manually add it to your CRM. There's a possibility data could be misentered, creating havoc down the road.

Integrating directly with MyCase is beneficial because all lead information captured by Intaker gets added to your CRM verbatim. Now, you don't have to worry about messing up Bobbies details or anyone else's.

Learn more about enabling this integration by visiting our Help Center article, "MyCase Integration for Intaker". Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing how this partnership benefits your firm!