Increase Your Quality Leads with QR Code Marketing

QR codes are a valuable marketing tool for law firms. They are used on flyers, banners, business cards, and mailers. You can also link them to a specific landing page for your Intaker chat to increase conversion.

QR codes have made a comeback. It started in 2020 when restaurants began using them for contactless menus. Since, they've become a mainstream marketing tool, so much so that the legal industry is using them!

You might want to think twice if you haven't considered adding them to your law firm marketing plan. Becoming successful at law firm marketing requires learning. There is an element of adaptability needed. You have to mesh tried and true methods with modern trends. QR codes are the perfect example of this.

QR codes can be shared on business cards, flyers, print ads, banners, and more. The point of the QR code is that the recipient can scan it and arrive directly on the page you want them to see. You can make it general, such as the homepage of your website, or specific in the form of a custom landing page.

One reason people love using QR codes is that they allow you to focus on a specific call to action, such as getting a client to fill out your chat.

The first step is creating a scannable QR code for your Intaker chatbot. If you have multiple bots, you can create various QR codes. For example, for personal injury, real estate, and corporate law pages, you can create a unique bot for each page that has a custom script to match the practice area. In most cases, we recommend starting with a link to your website's homepage.

We'll explain in more detail exactly how the setup process goes further in the article. For now, let's talk about some real-life scenarios where having a QR code handy will make all of the difference.

Real-life scenarios: QR code saves the day

Example 1: Social Networking

Imagine you're at an event and connect with someone who would make an ideal client. You hand them a business card with your website URL printed across the front. They now have to type the URL on their phone, which takes time. Many people won't want to do this when attending a social event.

Instead, they'll probably shove the card into their pocket and forget about it. The next day, their pants will go through the laundry, and your business card is nothing but a shred of paper, causing a mess in their machine.

This situation could have been avoided if you had added your QR code to the business card beforehand. They could have conveniently scanned it, landed directly on your website, and saved the page to their mobile device. If they were to get the card, they would still be able to find your firm.

A similar, yet less messy, scenario could happen with flyers and other print advertisements. Anyone interested in looking up your business has to take a picture of the URL. Or, they can look up the URL on the spot.

It's so much more efficient to offer a scannable QR code. The easier you make it for people to connect with your law firm, the more likely they will use you in their case.

Example 2: Mailer Campaigns

Picture this; Joe is on the verge of bankruptcy. You know this, and send a mailer to them offering to help. Perhaps other lawyers in your area are doing the same.

Everyone wants to be the first to help Joe and make him a client. He's overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling a bit defeated. As he spreads his mail across the kitchen table, it all looks the same. A picture of a smiling attorney offering to help relieve him from his debt with their website written across the bottom.

Except one flier stands out to Joe, and that's because it has a scannable QR code. He thinks that maybe this firm will be more adept at handling his case. After all, they seem to be the most forward-looking and innovative ones. He scans the code, and it leads to their Intaker bot.

Out of curiosity, he begins filling out the chat and finds it surprisingly simple. Afterward, he receives an instant confirmation text and sees a link to schedule an appointment appears on his screen.

He ends up meeting with you and discovering it would be a great fit. Now, you've secured the client by putting a little extra effort into your marketing efforts. QR codes generate leads for law firms and help you stand out in a competitive market.

Digital marketing for lawyers: making QR codes part of your law firm marketing strategy

QR codes are an excellent bridge between traditional and online marketing. Digital marketing is the most common way to advertise in 2022, but there are still many use cases for physical flyers, banners, and cards. QR code marketing campaigns are a great way to spice up how you reach your ideal clients.

QR code campaigns complement your existing online presence. They don't replace internet marketing but provide a supportive tool to capture more legal leads. By including them in your digital marketing strategy, you'll be able to connect with more potential clients. They also improve your search engine optimization SEO, placing you higher in Google's search results.

Our final pro-tip is integrating your QR code with Google Analytics to track the performance and conversion rate. You'll be able to see who visited your website from the QR code and measure the effectiveness of each campaign. From there, you can fine-tune your strategy to meet marketing goals. Read How to Track QR Codes with Google Analytics for instructions on getting started.

The set-up process

You might wonder, “how do I even create a QR code in the first place?”  

You’ll simply copy the bot link for whichever bot you’d like to turn into a QR code, paste it into the QR code generator, download it, and paste that onto your marketing materials. You can also read our help center article, HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM QR CODE. If you want to dive into more advanced types of QR codes, we'll be covering that further along in the article.

For most people, that is the process you’ll want to follow. However, it’s worth mentioning that you can also use a Google Chrome Extension or QRcode-monkey.

The QR code maker we use most often and recommend in our help center is QR Code Generator. This one is straightforward and user friendly. If you’re looking to spruce up your design with some custom logos, QRcode-monkey is a popular alternative.

Lastly, the extension is a simple way for any Google Chrome user to get a QR code made. They are all excellent options and serve the same purpose. That purpose is to make your marketing efforts go further and drive more clients to your firm.

Final takeaways

If you learned nothing else from this article, here is what we hope you remember:

  • QR codes complement your current digital marketing efforts
  • They can be used on flyers, banners, business cards, and more!
  • The setup process takes less than five minutes
  • You can create unlimited QR codes for your different websites and landing pages

Remember, if you need any help, we are always eager to be of assistance. We hope these QR code marketing tips can help you crush your goals.

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