Adding Empathy to Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Empathetic marketing will set you apart from competitors. By defining your brand, knowing your audience, and measuring client satisfaction, you can create the perfect client experience every time.

We recently collaborated with GNGF in an exciting webinar about how law firms like yours can attract the right clients using empathy in their marketing approach. GNGF is a legal marketing agency that runs The Legal Marketing Academy: an elite, private community for growth-minded law firm founders, owners, and partners. They provide coaching, tutorials, and weekly events to help law firms capture more qualified leads.

Why do some firms struggle while others thrive?

One of the main determinants of a firm's success is if they recognize they are not just lawyers but business owners who need to market themselves. Law firms who get to know their ideal client and focus on serving them are the ones who will thrive in a competitive market.

The webinar covered a client journey involving awareness, interest, purchase, service fulfillment, retention, and advocacy. You need to nurture client relationships every step of the way, especially if you are in a legal field that tends to have repeat customers.

Six proven steps to digital marketing success

We then dove into six proven steps for digital marketing success. These include protecting your referrals, defining your brand, knowing your numbers, setting your goals, and the strategy phase cycle.

Protecting referrals means checking in and following up with people who showed interest in your services. Defining your brand includes knowing your target audience, brand voice, and personality. Once you know who you want to serve, you can do an excellent job with those cases and not worry about those who don't fit within your brand.

Knowing your numbers will help when it comes to choosing where to place your marketing efforts. You might want to hire help, invest in PPC ads, etc. You'll need to be within budget to do so.

Another advantage to knowing your numbers is understanding how many quality leads you normally generate before implementing marketing efforts. This way, you can track growth. Finally, you can start setting goals and implementing your planned strategy.

Empathy, automated

We also explored what "empathy, automated" means and how it fits within a lawyer's marketing strategy. "Empathy, automated" is Intaker's phrase to describe our chatbot, which creates an instant personal connection with website visitors.

The most important part of showcasing empathy is taking the focus off yourself and putting it on the client. What are they looking for, how do they feel, and how can you help? One note about your website content: if you answer these questions throughout your website homepage, it will help secure more leads.

The top trafficked pages on most law firms' websites are the landing page, practice area pages, and attorney profile pages. Intaker's interactive video on the homepage saves people time. They don't have to navigate the site to find the lawyer's profile.

Attract the right clients & filter out unqualified leads

We've already mentioned how necessary it is to define your brand and know your audience. During the webinar, we covered this in even more detail, elaborating on how it's better to refine your audience than cast a large net.  

We also covered different types of communication and how they all tie together. For example, effective communication comes from knowing your underlying principles and translating them into what you say.

Efficient communication is about whom you're speaking to and focusing on the economy of words. Use these speaking techniques to show that you are an industry leader and care deeply about your clients.

Ask your team

Once you know your audience, you need to figure out what questions they ask most often. One easy way to do this is to type into Google a phrase such as "divorce attorney" and see what comes up. You can then create blog posts around the most common questions to drive SEO.

Another excellent website is Answer the Public, where you can type in a phrase such as "DUI," and it will scrape all questions people have about that particular subject matter.

Leverage marketing automation to streamline the process

As we mentioned earlier, Intaker's chat is a great way to establish empathy. It's also a great way to integrate marketing automation into your strategy. Studies have shown that professional services firms that use website chat see a 20-30% increase in lead conversion.

If you're looking for an easy way to start connecting with clients, book a demo with us to learn how Intaker can benefit your law firm.

Why empathy isn't enough

While empathy is essential to the marketing puzzle, it's not enough without follow-up. Shortening your response time to under five minutes will increase your connection rate by 100x and qualification rate by 21x (compared to a 30 min response time). Intaker's chat helps you by instantly sending a confirmation message after a lead has entered their information.

We hope this blog helps you start to use more empathy in your marketing and ultimately secure more clients! Watch the full How to Lead with Empathy Through Your Marketing and Intake Webinar for more in-depth information.