Data Analytics for Lawyers

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track the performance of your advertising campaigns. Learn how to utilize Google Analytics to convert more quality leads and measure your marketing results.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool designed to help businesses understand their customers. With Google Analytics, you can measure the results of each marketing campaign and spend more on strategies that are proven to convert.

You can also view the demographic information of website visitors to understand who is clicking on your site and which pages they are visiting. All in all Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to make educated marketing decisions and better serve your customers.

Why Your Law Firm Needs Google Analytics

Google Analytics can support law firms in acquiring more quality leads and fine-tuning their digital marketing efforts. With Google Analytics, you can track user acquisition and activity, such as the number of users, session time, and referral source. You can also track the number of sessions, the most popular pages, and where people click.

To see the complete client cycle, you can integrate with Google Ads. From there, you'll be able to view additional statistics such as ad impressions, ad clicks, and more. Analyzing ads will take your marketing a step further and allow you to fully control your budget by monitoring which ads are converting and which are not.

Google Analytics can also improve search engine optimization and content marketing. You can track if organic search traffic numbers are increasing to tell if your SEO is paying off.

For example, you can find organic sessions by landing page, organic clicks by queries, organic clicks by page, organic session, etc. You can integrate Google Analytics with your Google Search Console for more in-depth SEO data.

Another benefit of Google Analytics is access to demographic information. Knowing the location where most leads are coming from allows you to create more targeted ads and post at the optimal time.

The reports generated by Google Analytics allow you to analyze and understand user behavior and optimize your marketing strategies for conversion. Your firm will save money by putting effort into referral sources that are generating the highest number of leads and cutting back on systems that are not providing adequate ROI.

Google Analytics x Intaker integration

Google Analytics integrates directly with Intaker allowing you to easily track which landing pages are converting to leads. You can also tell which website pages most prospects are entering the chat from. Overall, you’re able to monitor which Intaker chats are providing the most value and rework your marketing efforts accordingly.

Getting started with Google Analytics

Are you ready to introduce Google Analytics to make more educated marketing decisions and acquire quality leads? Get started by signing up for a Google Analytics account.

You can also visit the Intaker help center to learn more about how to enable the integration. The article is GOOGLE ANALYTICS INTEGRATION FOR INTAKER. You can set custom conversion goals to take it a step further. For that, see our article GOOGLE ANALYTICS CONVERSION GOALS FOR INTAKER.