7 Ways Technology Warms Up Cold Leads for Law Firms

This blog post will discuss seven ways to warm up cold leads through legal technology. Some examples include automating lead qualification and lead nurturing, using customizable branding, and more.

Law firms often look at automation software as a cold and impersonal thing—the kind of thing you do out of necessity more than something you do to move the needle forward. But automation technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and it’s become really, really good at doing its job.  

So, don’t let those old misconceptions hold you back. This kind of technology is what keeps law firms competitive and gives them an edge over firms that are bigger, are better known, or have more years in the industry.

Of course, there are all kinds of ways that automation software might benefit a law firm. For example, using DSS marketing automation software and Intaker together gives you an integrated toolbox for managing your website, content, contacts, leads, email campaigns, social media, online reputation, and more. But automation isn’t just about increasing your efficiency and productivity behind the scenes.

I think that one of the most overlooked benefits of automation technology is what it can do to consistently improve the number and types of leads you get through your website. So, keep reading below for 7 ways you can warm up your cold leads with the automation technology available through DSS and Intaker.  

1. Automate the lead qualification process and improve your response time.

Tired of wasting time on leads that aren’t a great fit for your law firm? Don’t wait until you’re on the phone or in a meeting with them to find out that they aren’t quite right for you. Chat automation software helps people funnel themselves toward the most relevant action and person at your firm, while marketing automation software notifies the right person and puts all the information right in front of you. Automated email sequences let potential clients know what to expect and keep them engaged, giving you some extra “breathing room” on the days it takes you a little longer to respond.  

What that all means is that you get better-qualified leads that are already oriented to your law firm, understand what to expect, and are ready to act on their needs.

“We decided to move from an existing chat service that we used for several years when we discovered all of the benefits available with Intaker. What we discovered in just over a few months was that we weren’t wasting our time with ‘tire kicker’ leads. Intaker does an amazing job at qualifying leads through the chat process leaving us with solid leads that, the majority of the time, result in signed clients. And it integrates seamlessly with DSS! Personally, I couldn’t be more pleased with our decision and recommend any law firm searching for a robust chat service to check out Intaker. You won’t be disappointed.”—Scott Alperin, Alperin Law

2. Nurtures potential clients to drive more conversions.

No one wants to be greeted with a robotic message or canned response. That’s the beauty of using a highly personalized, chat-based system like Intaker and pairing it with a robust marketing system like DSS. Potential clients get a service that feels personal from the first moment they land on your website. They get answers from a real person instead of a faceless robot, and they’re guided through the steps they need to take to address their problems. The contact and great service doesn’t stop the moment they decide to convert, and their privacy is protected throughout the process. (In fact, both Intaker and DSS are fully HIPAA compliant!)

Your automation software is right there, from the first step, to nurture and safeguard the potential clients that come to you. And it walks them through a logical series of steps that converts them into leads and stays with them as they become clients.

Throughout the entire “client journey,” your automated systems keep your law firm at the top of their minds.  

3. Use fully customizable branding to stand out.

As mentioned in the introduction above, lots of law firms think about automation software as something a little robotic and generic. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today’s automation solutions are fully customizable to your brand and message, and the smart use of video technology brings you closer to your potential clients than ever.

It’s easy to make adjustments to your messaging as your law firm grows and evolves, and you’re always in control of what your potential clients see. You set the North Star, and your automation software consistently carries out your orders, with your branding and in your voice. It’s that kind of authenticity that converts new clients online.  

4. Build meaningful relationships on autopilot.

You may have guessed that one of the things I’m getting at is that automation software actually personalizes the “client journey” and builds more meaningful relationships from the start. Smart automation sets your potential client’s expectations for the experience they’ll have with your firm. It supports your brand messaging and creates a memorable sense of connection.

And, most importantly, it continuously identifies you as the expert and personal guide that can be right by your potential client’s side as they navigate their challenges. It’s that sense of connection that takes people from “curious visitors” to “happy clients.”

5. Easy integrations build a powerful, streamlined machine that supports your lead-generation goals.

You never want to be “trapped on an island” with your automation software. You shouldn’t have to juggle a million different logins or platforms to get things done, especially when it comes to generating better leads for your firm. The whole point of the software is to spend less time “behind the scenes” and more time doing the things that demand your personal attention (like working with clients and talking to new prospects).

That’s why we’ve prioritized the integration between DSS and Intaker and are constantly expanding our easy integrations with other practice management and intake software. Your systems deliver the biggest benefits when they work together harmoniously!

“Our firm handles nearly every type of case a client could possibly have, everything from personal injury to family law. With practice areas that cover the entire spectrum of law, it has always been a challenge to get the right leads to the appropriate attorney. When Intaker was presented to me as a solution by the Foster Web Marketing team, I was a bit skeptical, but now realize I should have been using this service much earlier. The flexibility that this chat service provides has been a game changer for our firm, and the integration with DSS makes it easy to get started.”—Christopher Russo, Managing Partner at Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum

6. Enhance the client experience through automated systems.

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of law firm automation software is the time it gives back to you and your staff. Routine tasks are delegated and automated. You’re promptly notified of new leads, and their contact information is automatically collected in your system. Leads are automatically thanked and notified of what to expect next.

It’s essentially like having a full-time employee that is wholly devoted to making sure every lead, client, and contact you get is getting the best customer experience possible! And that’s the kind of difference that new visitors notice and remember.  

7. Save time & empower staff to focus on other tasks.

Automation is available 24/7 and ensures that your leads never fall through the cracks. They always get a warm response when they reach out, and a prompt response shows that your firm values their needs. Not only is automation beneficial to leads and clients, it also saves your employees time. They no longer have to waste their time on repetitive tasks and instead have the capacity to take on more challenging tasks that require creativity and innovation.

Automate Your Lead Generation and Convert More Clients for Your Law Firm

You market your law firm because you want to attract the best clients and cases for your practice. That’s exactly why Intaker, DSS, and other automation solutions are ready to give your potential clients a fantastic experience, lead them to conversion, and move you toward your goals—all while letting you focus on running your business and being a great attorney.  

You can’t be everywhere at once. And, for lots of successful law firms, automation is the “secret weapon” that keeps them ahead of the pack. Curious about how automation might fit into your strategy? You can try Intaker by starting a chat below, or you can request a DSS demo with the Foster Web Marketing team.

Either way, I hope you’ll look into your automation options and start converting those cool leads into amazing clients and cases for your law firm.

Tom Foster is the owner and founder of Foster Web Marketing, a digital marketing company that serves law firms and medical practices across the nation and around the world. He’s also the creator of DSS, a marketing automation software suite that was developed specifically for the needs of doctors and attorneys. Whether you need a conversion-focused website, automation software, or hands-on marketing services to keep your business growing, Foster Web Marketing has you covered. For more information, you can schedule a time to meet with our team.